What We Do

Angel Investment, Incubation, Mentoring, Technology Stack Licensing, Tie-ups with Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS) Providers and more

We invest in and incubate ventures at the seed and early stage, mainly in the Internet of Things (IoT) applications space, helping “prepare for growth” via seed funding, strategic and operating support, providing critical connections, and more.

Sectors we are interested in:

  • IoT Devices
  • Sensors
  • Could connectivity via low power Personal Area Networks (PANs) and Wide Area Networks (WANs) technology

Other things we look for:

  • Market size of at least $100 million with high growth potential
  • Ability to generate product/service sales upwards of $10 million
  • Intellectual Property


Our leadership team has extensive experience as early-stage investors and as both startup entrepreneurs and scale-up executives in large blue chip companies


Our leadership team is assisted by serial entrepreneurs and senior industry professionals on our board to actively help our startups get to market successfully.

We leverage the experience of our promoters to ensure flawless execution of your idea by helping you in designing, positioning, prototyping, design for manufacturing, tie ups with contract manufacturers and marketing alliances.


Our investors includes individuals from a diverse set of industry verticals - serial entrepreneurs, C-level executives from technology cos. and businessmen looking for interesting opportunities

who we are - techsrija


We are always eager and open to new ideas and concepts - product or service platform that makes it easy to drive productivity, efficiency and/or savings using IoT technologies

pitch us

The best and fastest route to get our attention, is to mail your pitch to: pitch@techsrija.com

Keep it short enough for one to browse through it in ten minutes and get the core idea or concept.

Ideally, it should summarize all the elements of a standard business plan including background information about your organisation, product and / or services, technology and market opportunity including specific information on your customers and competition.

Don’t worry about the details. If interested, we will get in touch with you for all the details.